Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag

About the same size as the Signature edition, this double diaper bag is also made by Skip Hop. It does have a littler fancier design that’s made to have a more elegant look as opposed to the more casual style of the Signature edition above.

Very chic looking, the bag comes with a poly canvas exterior material this makes it durable but just as importantly easy to wipe.

This lets you quickly wipe away any spills or other baby accidents that will eventually happen along the way. Thanks to the material you’ll be able to keep it looking god.

Aside from its looks, it comes with all the things you want in a double diaper bag, as it offers the space as well as pockets to keep enough of both babies’ needs in them.

Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag


In all there are 9 pockets scattered throughout the bag. The 2 largest pockets are in the front which are deep enough to keep baby bottles as well a food. There are also side pockets with zipper closures where you can put the bottles or other items that your kids put in their mouths. This way they’re away from the elements.

The main storage area has the largest space and is where you can place all of both kids’ needs. It has a zip closure as well as built in pouches inside. There are also separate pockets where you can store you cellphone, car keys and other personal items. More at

This also comes with a portable folding changing pad for convenience.

We love carrying options as well as you can carry it like a tote, sling it over your shoulder using the strap or clip it onto the stroller’s handlebar.