Why Do People Love Thrill Rides?

There are many amusements in the modern world promises thrills to those who are looking for an adrenaline rush. From a fast paced monster movie to downhill sledding, the things people will do for a thrill are many and varied. Sometimes, thrills are found in strange places; playing card games in a comic shop may not seem like the world’s biggest head rush, but for some truly dedicated players, an afternoon in a game store is far, far more exciting than than a week at an amusement park. The same goes for all manner of dedicated passions, ranging from a heart felt painting to wild night out bar crawling.

At an amusement park, long a bastion of entertainment in Western culture, there are many options for enjoying the day out. From a macabre side show featuring from everything from deformed animals to ŠĆ│ncient relics?to musical and dance shows retaining the last bit of vaudeville left in the world to some of the foods that only young children and teenagers with cast iron digestive systems can truly appreciate, an amusement park has options. One of those options, long popular with young adults, reckless parents and children who meet the height requirements is the option for a quick, memorable thrill inside the amusement park’s environments.

Why Do People Love Thrill Rides

Why Do People Love Thrill Rides


But why so many people like thrill rides is a complex question to answer, oftentimes depending on the exact type of ride. Sometimes it’s a matter of aesthetics; even a bad haunted house may appeal to someone who enjoys dark horror movies and to people who enjoy late night creature features, an elaborate haunted house with special effects worthy of a film is about the best part of the day at the amusement park. Other times, people simply appreciate the head rush that these fast rides bring. No amount of parental warnings will dissuade most children from wanting to get on the most savage roller coasts available, and adults who are young at heart are even harder to sway out of doing so.

Another reason people might appreciate these rides is how it can bring them closer to others. This sounds bizarre, and it kind of is, but for every person getting on a thrill ride because they think it will be cool or amplify their adrenaline levels, there is another person who is getting on it specifically to be frightened to get the opening they need to be comforted by someone close to them, be it a partner, parent or anyone else that comforts them. As unusual as this sounds, many amusement park operators and smaller haunted attraction operators will attest that this can be a powerful and profitable draw for any attraction intended to thrill people, whether it’s a haunted house or state of the art roller coaster.

And sometimes, people simply enjoy the thrill of going faster and moving in ways too wild for normal life. While a rider has no control over a roller coaster, the fact is they are usually going at speeds and directions that, in their normal lives, would at bare minimum result in several traffic tickets.