Which Desk Lamps Are Best For Your Eyes?

In this time and age where we have to spend lots of time studying, reading or working, eye strain is almost inevitable. Proper lighting is known to help a lot with preventing eyestrain, but which desk lamp is the right one for the job?

We’ve already shared a few great LED desk lamps for studying and reading, all of those are great options. But here are some more desk lamps that provide the most natural light that won’t strain your eyes. More at https://bestledlamp.com/.

How Do I Choose The Best Lamp For My Desk?

What you want to look for is:

a slim design that won’t take much space of your desk.
Since you will be using them for a periods of time (for work or studying), you’ll want something that is energy-saving. LED is the best option.
You’ll want a lamp that is adjustable, either in position or in brightness. This makes it more suitable to different using situations.

What  Makes a Lamp Great For Eyes?

To answer that, you need to understand what makes your eye strain easily. When a lamp offers uneven light, causes some shadows, or provides with light that is too bright or too low for what you’re doing, it causes your eye to strain. The best desk lamp should provide:

Different lighting modes to fit the task you’re doing.
Even lighting that does not flicker.

Which Desk Lamps Are Best For Your Eyes

Which Desk Lamps Are Best For Your Eyes


Here are two of the best selling lamps with eye-protection capabilities:

TaoTronics? Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp:
Dimmable LED desk lamp that reduces eye strain by providing uniform light without flickering or ghosting.
Customize lighting to your liking with 4 adjustable temperature and brightness settings.
Reading, Relaxing, Sleeping and Studying modes.
Features a timer and USB port.
Angle adjustment.

Saicoo? Natural Light 10W LED Eye-protection Multi-function Desk Lamp:
Natural non-flickering lighting that is easy on the eyes.
3 temperature modes: cold light (studying), natural light (reading) and warm light (sleep/relaxation).
5 adjustable brightness settings in each mode.
Angle adjustment.

More at https://bestledlamp.com/the-best-desk-lamp-for-your-eyes/.